Wiki Loves Africa 2022 – Home & Habitat

15th February 2022

Challenging Home and Habitat across Africa is perceived on Wikipedia Wiki Loves Africa 2022 – one of Africa’s largest photographic competitions – launches to visually celebrate Home and Habitat across Africa. Photographers, videographers, filmmakers and audiophiles (professionals and skilled amateurs) are invited to enter. Entries illustrate Wikipedia articles. Prizes totaling USD7000 to be won.. Cape Town, … Read More

WikiAfrica Hour: Revealing invisible faces through illustrations

10th December 2021

Imagine an article on Nelson Mandela, without an image of what he looks like. Imagine a great article on Michelle Obama, without a glimpse of what she looks like in person. These are even famous people. Now imagine what it’s like for the historically marginalized, economically or politically disadvantaged, whose leaders have been made intentionally … Read More

WikiAfrica Hour: WikiIndaba 2021 virtual conference special edition

5th November 2021

In an approach toward the 2030 Movement Strategy of the Wikimedia Foundation, the Community Resources team experienced many changes, some of which have taken effect. These changes were suggested and recommended during the 2030 Movement Strategy discussions that took place across the various Wikimedia communities. One of the recommended changes was the establishment of new … Read More

WikiAfrica Hour: Some Wikimedia acronyms and the works that happen behind them

10th October 2021

The 2030 Movement Strategy of the Wikimedia Foundation, necessitated great community discussions across the Wikimedia movement. A lot of suggestions, recommendations and reforms emerged from engaging various wikimedia communities in related discussions. One of the recommendations was the need for a Universal Code of Conduct that will guide every contributor who dedicates time to make … Read More