Easily Add Information to Images on Wikimedia Commons

ISA is a fun, multilingual, mobile-first ‘microcontributions’ tool, that makes it easy for (groups of inexperienced) people to add structured data to images on Wikimedia Commons.

With ISA, you can choose a pre-defined set of images on Commons and then ask contributors to ‘tag’ these with multilingual structured metadata. Points are counted for each contribution, and therefore it is possible to organize ‘tagging’ or microcontributions competitions or challenges with ISA.

ISA was originally built to provide better multilingual and structured descriptions of Wiki Loves Africa images. But it is also developed to be useful to all of the Wiki Loves Xcompetitions, and eventually ended up being meant for all media files on Wikimedia Commons.

WikidataCon Award 2019

ISA was developed as a collaboration between Wiki In Africa, Histropedia and the Structured Data

on Commons project. It is a GLAM pilot for Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons.

ISA received the coolest tool WikidataCon 2019 Award in the Multimedia category last October.

What does the name mean?

‘Isa’ is the chiShona language word for ‘put’ or ‘place’, but it can also serve as an acronym for Information Structured AccelerationInformation Structure Additions and more.


In January 2023, the recorded impact of ISA since its launch in 2019 is:

  • 1,667,304 images reviewed
  • with 544,599 contributions
  • by 1,460 users in
  • 225 campaigns