Supporting the WikiAfrica and Open movements across Africa

Wiki In Africa, a non-profit organisation that is based in South Africa, was founded in November 2016 and legally registered in March 2017 as a financial and legal structure that operates global initiatives in support of the WikiAfrica movement.

Our objective is to empower and engage citizens of Africa and its diaspora to collect, develop and contribute educational and relevant content that relates to the theme of Africa under a free license; and to engage in global knowledge systems by encouraging access to, awareness of, and support for open knowledge, the open movement and the Wikimedia projects, working in collaboration with like-minded organisations.

Encourage new Wikipedians

Activate, train and support a self-sustaining generation of new, dedicated and proactive Wikipedian editors from across the continent who are can generate new articles and subjects relevant to contemporary Africa

Support the donation of existing content

Encourage the donation of content that already resides in heritage, cultural, news-gathering and academic institutions across Africa to Wikipedia.

Wiki In Africa continues the work of the projects that its lead people have conceptualised and developed. The main reason behind setting up Wiki In Africa is for an organisation’s focus to be entirely devoted to the mission, and not just be a sideshow or viewed as a “project”. Another reason is to allow the NGO to grow as the work is successful and the Wikimedia volunteer communities and projects develop and mature.

This organisation has been founded as a voluntary association to maintain the movement’s flexible nature. It is hoped and expected that the membership will expand once the organisation is sustainable and as it matures.

The association

Wiki In Africa is a non-profit voluntary association that is based in South Africa. It is a financial and legal structure that operates global initiatives in support of the WikiAfrica movement.

Key dates for Wiki In Africa:

• 11 November 2016: Founding AGM meetup in Cape Town with Iolanda Pensa, Florence Devouard and Isla Haddow-Flood

• 23 March 2017: South Africa’s Department of Social Security authorises the registration of Wiki In Africa as a voluntary organisation and official NPO (187-625 NPO).


• Non-profit voluntary organisation registered in South Africa

• Registration number: 187-625 NPO

Wiki In Africa's Key Documents

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