In a world where over 4 billion individuals are disconnected either by electricity or the internet, it’s a situation that could put a big hole in the quest for free and open knowledge. This whole could make it longer and harder to achieve equality when it comes to free and open knowledge.

Some very interesting initiatives have taken it upon themselves to reach and carry-along, the left-behind disconnected population, through the use of technologies that give access to free knowledge, and those that help one to contribute to free knowledge.

For the episode 9 of WikiAfrica Hour, Ceslause Ogbonnaya had some guests who are working to solve this digital divide by building offline tech bridge!

Guests include:

There is a lot of people globally, who need access to healthcare information
– James Heilman

Episode 9 was aired live on the 28th January 2022 at 16:00 UTC and was hosted by Ceslause Ogbonnaya. You can watch this episode below.