The Wikimania 2021 virtual conference held from 14th to 17th August 2021, and Wiki In Africa’s session submission for WikiAfrica Hour, titled “WikiAfrica Hour: The Xperience” was selected to feature in the conference.

For this WIkimania 2021 Special edition: WikiAfrica Hour: The Xperience, Ceslause Ogbonnaya aimed to share the experience and reason why Wiki In Africa launched the WikiAfrica Hour.

The projected outcomes for the special edition were as follows:

1.The audience will appreciate the initiative behind WikiAfrikca Hour 

2.The audience will ask questions to guests, who will give detailed answers about the community topic. 

3.The audience will learn to know when to key in for the upcoming episodes of WikiAfrica Hour

The special edition features two segments; a pre-recording of highlights from episode 1 t0 4 of WikiAfrica, followed by a Live session with guests like:

  • Houcemeddine Turki From Wikimedia Tunisia
  • Isaac Olatunde from Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos
  • Geoffrey Katerrega from WikiIndada 2021 Conference 
  • Wilson Oluoha from Igbo Wikimedians User Group

…all talking about the importance of WikiAfrica Hour to the community.

The Wikimania 2021 special edition was aired live on the 15th August 2021 at 19:15 UTC and was hosted by Ceslause Ogbonnaya. You can watch the pre-recording below:

and you can watch the Discussion at Wikimania about the importance of WikiAfrica Hour to the community below:

WikiAfrica Hour is activated by Wiki In Africa in support of Wikimedia usergroups across the WikiAfrica movement. The initiative is funded by the Wikimedia Foundation.

Watch all WikiAfrica Hour episodes here: