The 2030 Movement Strategy of the Wikimedia Foundation, necessitated great community discussions across the Wikimedia movement. A lot of suggestions, recommendations and reforms emerged from engaging various wikimedia communities in related discussions.

One of the recommendations was the need for a Universal Code of Conduct that will guide every contributor who dedicates time to make input towards the growth of the wikimedia movement. A committee was tasked with the role of putting together this much needed Universal Code of Conduct, based on suggestions and recommendations made by various wikimedia communities.

For the sixth edition of WikiAfrica Hour: UCOC; EDGR; SCF; U4C…Whaaaaat?, Ceslaue Ogbonnaya had some key persons who are doing great works under some of the very interesting wiki acronyms like UCoC, EDGR, SCF, and U4C…such as Patrick Earley (Universal Code of Conduct process manager), Sam Oyeyele (Universal Code of Conduct facilitator for West Africa), Pascale Walter (Member of Universal Code of Conduct Drafting Committee) and Sandra Aceng (WikiIndaba conference 2021 scholarship manager).

  • Patrick Earley, Sam Oyeyele and Pascale Walter were invited to share details of on the work and the processes that happen under acronyms like UCoC, EDGR, and U4C.
  • Sandra Aceng explained the work happening under the SCF acronym of the WikiIndaba 2021 conference.

Episode 6 was aired live on the 8th October 2021 at 16:00 UTC and was hosted by Ceslause Ogbonnaya. You can watch this episode below.

WikiAfrica Hour is activated by Wiki In Africa in support of Wikimedia usergroups across the WikiAfrica movement. The initiative is funded by the Wikimedia Foundation.

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