WikiAfrica Hour #2: What’s involved when sharing your photographs on Wikipedia

WikiAfrica Hour's second episode: "The Lowdown on Commons The Lowdown on Commons" discussed the important role photography plays within a Wikimedia context, with experienced guest speakers from Wiki Loves Earth, WPWP Campaign, Nos Jardins and Nigeria Commons Photographers User Group. Show highlights include:

What opportunities exist for photographers?

  • Topic 1: Wiki Loves Earth – User:Shahadusadik (Sadik) 

How can we make sure that the images are useful? (

  • Topic 2: Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos - User:T Cells (Isaac) 

What kind of training is available to photographers?

  • Topic 3: Nos Jardins - User:Serieminou (Minette )

What kind of community exists within Wikimedia for photographers? 

  • Topic 4: Commons Photographers User Group - User:Anasskoko (Anas)