Episode 3: Just what’s it like to be on the WMF Board?

In Episode 3 of WikiAfrica Hour host, Ceslause Ogbonnaya, shines a spotlight on the big elephants in the room – the elections for members of the Wikimedia Board of Governors, which took place in mid-2021. Included in the discussion are two "been there, done that" guest speakers, like ex-Wikimedia Foundation Board Chairs Florence Devouard and Maria Sefidari. Mahuton Possoupe, Zita Zage, and Mohammed Bachounda are members of the WMF elections facilitation team who talked us through the process of the election. Finally, the three self-nominated WMF Board elections candidates from Africa are given a platform to share their visions in the persons of Reda Kerbouche, Eliane Dominique Yoa, and Douglas Ian Scott.

Show highlights include: 

  • Panel 1: The Election Process featuring Mahuton, Zita and Bachounda (timestamp 26:48)
  • Panel 2: The experience from the Chair featuring Florence Devouard and Maria Sefidari (timestamp 1:11:13)
  • Panel 3: Africa's candidates and their visions, featuring Reda Kerbouche, Eliane Dominique Yao and Douglas Ian Scott.