WikiAfrica Hour #35: The Movement Beyond the Summit

Is the Wikimedia Summit over? How will affiliates move the Wikimedia Movement forward? What is the status of the Movement Charter?
This episode of WikiAfrica Hour was hosted by Erina Mukuta, who ensured that our guests answered these questions and more. Firstly Nonny and Donia (new WikiAfrica Hour facilitator) shared the WikiAfrica Hour News.
Then it was time for some serious conversation. After an action-packed last Wikimedia Summit in Berlin, the future of affiliate gatherings seemed to hang in the balance. Our guests chatted about what they got from the Wikimedia Summit and the future of these events for Wikimedians. We also heard from African Wikimedians who were delegates at the Summit. Finally, we discussed the current status of the long-awaited Movement Charter.
Guest included:

Show Notes:

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