The Wiki Loves Africa MetaData Weeks was launched in 2019 and has since added MetaData around four Wiki Loves Africa themes, like Africa at Play!, Africa on the move, Health+Wellness and Home+Habitat. It is one aspect of an on-going strategy to ensure Wiki Loves Africa images are useful, visible and usable on the Wikimedia projects. 

The 2019 edition resulted in 61,089 new contributions. 68,010 contributions we made in the 2020 edition. The 2021 edition resulted in 25,805 contributions from two campaigns.

For Wiki Loves Africa 2022 Home+Habitat ISA campaign, 48 contributors participated in the campaign with 95,361 contributions made to 15, 915 images !!

The Top 3 contributors are:


For more details about Wiki Loves Africa MetaData Week,  please visit: 

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