Episode 20 of WikiAfrica Hour starts 2023 with a bang! Ceslause hosts a panel made up of leaders from the incredible community events that are planned for this year. It is a timely glimpse into what post-COVID Wikimedia conferences are evolving into.

Guests include:
* Ndahiro Derrick – Planning and Organising lead, WikiIndaba 2022
* Euphemia Uwandu – Lead organiser, Wikimedian Youth Conference 2023 by The WikiVibrance Project
* Butch Bustria – Event lead + Chair of Program subcommittee, Wikimania 2023 conference
* Gnangarra – Chair, Wikimania 2023 conference Scholarships subcommittee
* Vanj Padilla – Co-lead, Wikimania 2023 conference Documentation & Event Communication Subcommittee