Wikipack Africa

An offline action pack containing the WikiFundi editing environment, materials and content that allows for new editor training and contribution to continue when power, technology and the internet is unavailable. Status: Active An action pack that contains the WikiFundi software, materials and content that facilitates the outreach work done by local Wikimedia chapters and user … Read More


Provides an offline editable environment that enables new contributors to learn how to edit Wikipedia and work on articles collaboratively, even when access to power, technology and the internet is unavailable. Status: Active In Africa, access to electricity, technology and internet connectivity often fails or is not available at all. Driven by the belief that … Read More

Wikipedia Primary School

This project sets out to provide students, families and teachers the information on Wikipedia that is required to complete the cycle of primary education in their country, in their language. Wikipedia aims to be an educational tool and it is available online, via mobile phones and offline. Experiences have shown, however, that once accessible, Wikipedia … Read More

Wiki Loves Africa

“Photography continues to play a key role in how we are seen, not just as Africans, but as black people from every corner of the world. Stereotypes and prejudice are incited by images, and if it’s used, yet again, to undermine those of us who are truly doing the difficult work, then we need to … Read More