Wikimania Episode: WikiAfrica Hour Xperience

This special episode was created to introduce the WikiAfrica Hour experience to the global Wikimania audience. In this session, you can catch up on the first 4 episodes, and relive the WikiAfrica Hour experience to see why Wiki In Africa created the WikiAfrica Hour.

WikiAfrica Hour: Wikimania 2021 special edition

17th August 2021

The Wikimania 2021 virtual conference held from 14th to 17th August 2021, and Wiki In Africa’s session submission for WikiAfrica Hour, titled “WikiAfrica Hour: The Xperience” was selected to feature in the conference. For this WIkimania 2021 Special edition: WikiAfrica Hour: The Xperience, Ceslause Ogbonnaya aimed to share the experience and reason why Wiki In … Read More

Wiki Indaba Tunis

14th May 2018

Wiki Indaba in Tunis, March 2018 Wiki Indaba is a conference that brings together Wikipedians from across Africa and beyond to discuss the Wikimedia Movement in Africa. Between the 16th–18th March 2018, the third edition of the conference was held in Tunis, Tunisia by the Wikimedia Tunisia Usergroup. Florence and Isla from Wiki In Africa were … Read More