Wikipedia Primary School

This project sets out to provide students, families and teachers the information on Wikipedia that is required to complete the cycle of primary education in their country, in their language.  

Wikipedia aims to be an educational tool and it is available online, via mobile phones and offline. Experiences have shown, however, that once accessible, Wikipedia does not provide information that responds directly to curriculum-based questions.

The Wikipedia Primary School project relies on Wikipedia as an existing and growing resource – and solves the need for an encyclopaedia capable of responding to curriculum-based questions. It also fosters Wikipedia content, quality and outreach.

Project goals include:

  • Bridging Wikipedia and primary education:
    This involves moving the Wikipedia community towards a focus on primary education, while strengthening the capacity of the education ecosystem to contribute to Wikipedia and to open, collaborative knowledge in general.
  • Enriching Wikipedia with new content relevant to primary education:
    This involves an assessment of the articles produced.
  • Fostering the development of translations and new content in different Wikipedia linguistic editions:
    This involves the release of existing educational resources (OER in cc by or cc by-sa), the production of datasets and the involvement of the Wikimedia movement.
  • Verifying and evaluating the use of Wikipedia as a source of information for primary education: This requires the involvement of stakeholders and data analysis.

Wikipedia Primary School contributes to universal primary education and to the Millennium Development Goals (MDG2: Achieve Universal Primary Education). Even if it is scalable and international, the project is conceived primarily to address African countries and languages.